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i wear my mac foundation ONE TIME out to the club and my face is broken the fuck out


Blood type: $$$

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i remember always telling my friends that i was so lonely and i had no body there for me. no friends. no family. i still believed people where completely loyal and trustworthy before then and that none of the people i loved would ever leave me. that dependence on others i had crippled me slowly as they started going one by one. one day i said it to my boyfriend at the time and instead of feeling sorry and trying to comfort me, he told me that i shouldnt need anyone else to make myself happy. and that i needed to learn to love solitude because no ones gonna have me like i do. no one will EVER care for me like i do. no one will EVER love me like i love myself. idk sometimes i just have those days where i try to pity party myself for being so rejected by people but then i just kinda think of what he said to me that day. i never thought of life that way.


boys who moan during sex make it 500% better

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